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media files:

m4a -> http://media.libsyn.com/media/msb/wspc_P34kO1l_0014.m4a

YouTube ->. YouTube plugin error .

Official website -> http://thefuelfilm.com/

Gas Prices, Gas Gouging, Peak Oil, Elasticity, Supply Demand

. YouTube plugin error .

---- "Menopause Graduate" by: "Lima Charlie" http://www.limacharliemusic.com/


some days I just got the blues.

This is one of them gray, dirty ol' days.

I'm tired, dirty, I feel soiled, not just dirty but like dirt.

The rain is not washing my sins away. Its just leaving me a stinkin' pile of slimy slag.

---- "Bluez Comes Callin" by: "Billy Jones" http://www.billy-jones.com/


If you are playing this on an .m4a player, you're getting all the band pics and web sites, if you ain't I'm going to read them all at the end'

---- "Devil by my side" by: "DemianBand" http://www.demianband.net/

---- "Lake of fire" by: "Jerry Forney" http://www.jerryforney.com/

We got PSAs:


Campus Safety urges students, faculty and staff to sign up for text alerts, online @ spc.edu/alerts

This will be used to inform students, faculty and staff in an emergency.

This was useful last year in the bomb scare.

To sign up, students must know their Spirit ID # (Bring their Saint Peter's College ID.)


Here's a proper, honest to goodness, real promo. :-)




---- "Sparrow in the rain" by: "Jerry Forney" http://www.jerryforney.com/

---- "Howling At The Moon" by: "Kenny Neal" http://alligatorrecords.com/index.cfm?section=artists&artistID=18

Synthesis Part Deux

Then again, I'm feeling down and l-a-z-y.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just here wankin' off.

---- "Hummin Blues" by: "Harrison Kennedy" http://www.black-and-tan.com/

---- "Same Damn Time" by: "Mike Andersen Band" http://www.black-and-tan.com/


I'm tired. Things are not going so great and I'm feeling hard done by. Screw the world.

---- "Heard The Angels Sing" by: "Ramon Goose" http://www.ramongoose.com/


The show notes, including the complete text of this episode, and any and all links to the artists featured, are on a server ... somewhere.

And this show is also being podcast in m4a format, which means that it you use a compatible player, like iTunes, you get the content divided up into chapters with images and "hot links" to the the web, on the topic of the chapter or to accompany the music.

I've stopped asking for your feedback, because I really don't want it.

Like the show? Listen.

Don't like the show, then what are you wasting your time here for?


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