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Page history last edited by Charles-A. Rovira 14 years, 4 months ago
I'm interested in Japanese manga and animé.
My next wiki pages (Otaku Rovira) will be written in Hiragana, Kantakana and Romanji.
告別 (Farewell)
チャールズ 列はああ変わる (Charles Rovira)

Here is where YOU all come from :)





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This Page will eventually contain the scripts and links to about half of all of the shows (which will still be hosted at LibSyn.com.)

(Sorry its taking me a little while. If it in "Blue" its linked. If its still in black, I'm getting to it. There are an awful lot of 'em. For any I still have to transfer [click here].)



wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0014


wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0013.5



wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0013

msb-0388 Move Over MS

wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0012


msb-0387 MS Together

msb-0386 High gene, low gene, green gene, blue gene, red gene, dead gene

msb-0385 The Glass is Half Full

msb-0384 School's Almost Here

Episodes Press Release

msb-0383 Tertiary pain

msb-0382 The Red Queen

msb-0381 Sans sons, sans commentaires

msb-0380 Man, Oh Man

msb-0379 Wretched Wednesday

msb-0378 Monday, monday

msb-0377 Man Friday, or, its Friday, man

msb-0376 Wyrd Wednesday

msb-0375 One in Tweve-Hundred

msb-0374 Gasbagin'

msb-0373 Just goofin around with numbers

msb-0372 And we're off

msb-0371 Further Complex Musings

msb-0370 In Case of Emergence

msb-0369 Oops

msb-0368 Intrinsic Worth

msb-0367 Stay Focused

msb-0366  Lazy-Ass Journalists

msb-0365 Its not all about me you know

msb-0364 Things are starting to heat up

msb-0363 Home

msb-0362 Arrgh I'm a pirate (Its legal)

msb-0361 We don't  call them Reds now, do we?

msb-0360 Making enem, uh, friends across the world

msb-0359 Beautiful Day

msb-0358 What's Happening?

msb-0357 Things range in rage

spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0011


msb-0356 Summertime

msb-0355 Tee for two and two for tees


spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0010


spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0009



spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0008


spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0007



spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0006

msb-0353 An Interview with Hillary Rubin





msb-0352 Lets see how this helps

spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0005



msb-0351 Damn I'm out of control ANGRY!

spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0004





spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0003 



spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0002



spc_wspc_TheDisabilityShow 0001




msb-0350 A New Beginning
















msb-0344 A special message to my MS wellness group


wspc's P34k O1l 0003


msb_0343 The law of Unintended Consequences



wspc's P34k O1l 0002

wspc's Thyme Warp 0011

wspc's Thyme Warp 0010

wspc's Thyme Warp 0009

wspc's P34k O1l 0001

wspc's Thyme Warp 0008

wspc's Thyme Warp 0007

wspc's Thyme Warp 0006

wspc's Thyme Warp 0005

wspc's Thyme Warp 0004

wspc's Thyme Warp 0003

wspc's Thyme Warp 0002

wspc's Thyme Warp 0001

msb-0341  Holmes and Watt's son

msb-0340 Everybody Gets Old and Dies

msb-0337 I'm off to college again

msb-0336 Terrence & Phil, lip

msb-0335 Urbane Urbanism

msb-fr-0023 Il Fait Chaud

msb-0334 Being There

msb-0333 Bee Serious

msb-0332 Some Days Ya Just Gotta To Hear S'm Blues

msb-fr-0022 Rire Jaune

msb-0331 Wrong, Col. Jessep.

msb-0330 Scotia, Nova Scotia and MS

msb-0329 Housing Is bout To Change (Back!)

msb-fr-0021 J'ai Le Fou Rire

msb-0328 Wicked

msb-0327 Shauna's Brain On Drugs

msb-0326 Fundamental Changes

msb-fr-0020 Changements Fondamentaux

msb-0325 Eve and Wall•E ™®©

msb-0324 Shauna's Being Strong Again...

msb-0323 Paul Otlet: A Man of Vision

msb-fr-0019 Paul Otlet: La Vision D'un Homme

msb-0322 For Print Media, The Sky IS Falling

msb-0321 Stardancer

msb-0320 We Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Calamity

msb-fr-0018 Le Temps Qui Passe et Ne Laisse Rien

msb-0319 Emergence by Emergency

msb-0318 Shauna's Dating Herself

msb-0317 Shedding Weight

msb-fr-0017 Pantagruelesque

msb-0316 The "Nuclear Meltdown Family"

msb-0315 Shauna Rides On

msb-0314 Leather, Rinse, Repeat.

msb-fr-0016 Le Mensonge

msb-0313 Oily Hair

msb-0312 Shauna On Neuroplasticity

msb-0311 Reflections In A Limpid Cerulean Pool

msb-fr-0015 La Véritée

msb-0310 I Doubt You'll See These On Network TV

msb-0309 Shauna Pedals On.

msb-0308 The Media

msb-fr-0014 Dans L' Décor, S'tie

msb-0307 The Meaning Of Economics

msb-0306 The Atlantic Pedaler

msb-0305 Why I Don't Want To Do Video

msb-fr-0013 Encore

msb-0304 I can't complain

msb-0303 Its Wednesday, Its Shauna's Show ;-)

msb-0302 Locus and Nexus

msb-fr-0012 Trésor

msb-0301 The Inequitable Distribution of Luck

msb-0300 Third Time Around The Century Dial

msb-0299 On the verge of a deal

msb-fr-0011 Jongle

msb-0298 Not This Again

msb-0297 Salamander's Ash and Embers

msb-0296 I Loathe This Video

msb-fr-0010 Jungle

msb-0295 What's happening to your newspaper

msb-0294 Smoke gets in your eyes.

msb-0293 PodCamp NY 2.0

msb-fr-0009 Junque

msb-0292 An Interview With Joel Goldman.

msb-0291 There has to be an easier way...

msb-0290 A Flurry of Leaves

msb-fr-0008 Nous Y Voici Encore

msb-0289 Its getting closer...

msb-0288 Frustration

msb-0287 Shake Down

msb-fr-0007 Les Francophones a New York

msb-0286 Quiet time

msb-0285 Fortune Favors the Brave

msb-fr-0006 Je Ne Suit Pas Dingue


msb-0283 Win, Lose Or Draw Blood

msb-0282 Over To You Shauna ...

msb-0281 Andrea und Galileo

msb-fr-0005 J'ai la Sclérose en Plaques. 'Y a Rien La

msb-0280 Purr fect

msb-0279 Connecting

msb-0278 Iron In My Ears

msb-fr-0004 Un Peu De Serieux, Quoi

msb-0277 The Carnival of MS Bloggers

msb-0276 Another Inconvenient Truth

msb-0275 Funny Ol' Thing

msb-fr-0003 Je Vais Au Restaurant

msb-0274 Back To The Topic At Ear, uh, Hand

msb-0273 Milestones To Go Before I Sleep

msb-0272 Another Ending

msb-fr-0002 Je me porte très bien, merci.*rheu*

msb-0271 Person-i-pulation

msb-0270 Don't Suck

msb-0269 Sons And Daughters

msb-fr-0001 La Sclérose en Plaque: Fléau Oû Carême?

msb-0268 This Must Be A Leap Year

msb-0267 Diet of Worms

msb-0266 MS and Headsets

msb-0265 The Beeb

msb-0264 Seven Hit Wonders

msb-0263 Hand grenade! Quick! Catch!

msb-0262 Bugs In Us

msb-0261 Got to tidy up. Company's coming. :-)

msb-0260 What Is This? "MacBreak Tech"?

msb-0259 Things are about to change.

msb-0258 Well, here we are again...

msb-0257 None So Blind

msb-0256 10,000,000 (In Binary)

msb-0255 The Wonderful World of Work

msb-0254 Still Here? Yep!

msb-0253 Coping With Disappointment

msb-0252 Honesty is the Easiest Policy

msb-0251 So Where's the Payback?

msb-0250 Yeah, yeah. Two hundred and fifty shows.

msb-0249 O Sweet Static, Part "Deux"

msb-0248 Years of Static, Part "Un"

msb-0247 Wetware

msb-0246 The Past

msb-0245 The Future

msb-0244 One in Twelve-hundred

msb-0243 Joy Joy

msb-0242 Happy Happy

msb-0241 Relating and Connecting

msb-0240 Boxing Day

msb-0239 Merry Merry

msb-0238 Okay, Okay, Its X-Mass Eve

msb-0237 Rollin'

msb-0236 Macro-economics?

msb-0235 A Change is Gonna Come...

msb-0234 Going Nuts, Making Everybody Else Nuts Too

msb-0233 Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz

msb-0232 That River in Egypt

msb-0231 Blast my wider conscience.

msb-0230 Back to the Ol' Grind

msb-0229 Some Characteristic Characteristics

msb-0228 Swarm Behavior

msb-0227b Giving Thanks

msb-0227 Yeah, I've got MS, So what?

msb-0226 Write wright, right?

msb-0225 Radio Person

msb-0224 Radio People

msb-0223 The Missing Class?

msb-0222 Some days it just pays to get up.

msb-0221 Nothing Yet...

msb-0220 The Microphone Wars

msb-0219 Welcome Momentum Readers

msb-0218 COBRA: A Snake in the Grass

msb-0217 Genetics and MS ... Who knows?

msb-0216 A change in tempo?

msb-0215 I gots da bluz

msb-0214 Auditory hallucinations

msb-0213 Credence

msb-0212 I believe ...

msb-0211 A question of faith

msb-0210 Whose record is this anyway?

msb-0209 Its the law. Don't like it? Change it!

msb-0208 Paranoia

msb-0207 Steven Pinker's "The Stuff of Thought"

msb-0206 Ever feel small and insignificant?

msb-0205 Farewell Address (Eisenhower's, not Mine)

msb-0204 Zeitgeist Gestalt

msb-0203 Neuroprotection

msb-0202 "Mélange, a whole mess of stuff"

msb-0201 Where do I live again?

msb-0200 An Anniversary, of Sorts

msb-0199 A Slender Glass Thread (part "trois":-)

msb-0198 A Slender Glass Thread (part "deux":-)

msb-0197 A Slender Glass Thread (part "un":-)

msb-0196 Coffee's my drink of choice now!

msb-0195 PDF test (Rovira Diagrams)

msb-0194 No More... Please, no more...

msb-0193a MDMHvonPA's Roundup 2007.08.29

msb-0193 Lung vs. Tripe

msb-0192 A Critique and A Response

msb-0191 You're Being Framed

msb-0190 "Why am I doing this?"

msb-0189 "What's happened to the news?

msb-0188 The Price and Power of Fragmentation

msb-0187 So what?

msb-0186 Time and again

msb-0185 Doh. A senior moment...

msb-0184 Okay, I'm waiting...

msb-0183 Dan Warren

msb-0181 Truth

msb-0180 "Nu?" So?

msb-0179 An Awful choice...

msb-0178 Aaron English redux

msb-0177 Damn it all.

msb-0176 I'll Get Enough Rest When I'm Dead

msb-0175 Uh? What Happened To The News?


That's further back in time than I care to subject myself.


Old Episodes can be found here.


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