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Link to the episode: NotYet


This is an introduction

  •  to me,
  •  to the format of the show,
  •  to something that I want to slip in each show, (Classical music is being made as we listen, as well as by old dead people you couldn't possibly have met,)
  •  to a PSA,
  •  to a promo,
  •  to the music itself,
  •  to a recap of what you heard.


So, lets get started:


I am an older student. I have had my eyes and ears open for what seems like an eternity and I "love" music; any kind of music, any genre, any language, any rythm, and any arrangement, as long as it is well played. (Either you know your instrument or you never made it into my iPod Classic.) I will start off each show with a single tune from my eclectic collection; which may be anything, including Yelli of the Baka Forest People, Tuvan Throat Singing, big band music, sixties folk, acid rock, "French Chanteuse", all the way to country & western "hurting songs".


Apart from the obvious introductory tune,

 we will be focusing on classical music,

 having a place for PSAs,

 WSPC promos,

 filling your ears with some classical music and

 then I will wrap up with a recap of the tunes you were subjected to in an uninterupted fashion for the prior hour.


The intro to this episode is "Television, The Drug Of The Nation" by: "The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy" from the album: "Hypocrisy Is the Greatest Luxury" (6:39)


The place for PSA (Public Service Announcements) is as yet unfilled.


The place for promos is as yet unfilled.


The music of this and most every episode is selected to not snag into your consciousness. You should be okay to jog around campus, read, study, sleep through a boring lecture ("No such thing... You're only as bored as you're boring!")


You don't have to pay any attention to the melodies whatsoever. (Except if you're a music student; then there's going to be a test after, so "stay sharp" [Sorry, stay in whatever key it says on the stave.])


Now... "Adelante la musica"


"Gymnopedie no. 1" by: "Erik Satie" played by: "Pascal Rogé" from the album: "After the Rain...The Soft Sounds of Erik Satie" (3:12)


"Nocturne no.2 in Eb, Op.9 no.2" by: "Fréderik Chopin" played by: "Vladimir Ashkenazy" from the album: "The Chopin Experience: Chopin the Poet" (4:03)


"'Minute' Waltz (Chopin)" by: "Fréderik Chopin", played by: "Vladimir Ashkenazy" from the album: "The Greatest Classical Show on Earth (Disc 1)" (1:52)


"Scherzo No. 3 in C sharp minor, Op. 39" by: "Fréderik Chopin" played by "Vladimir Ashkenazy" from the album:"The Chopin Experience - Chopin the Dramatist" (6:45)


"Piano Concerto in D minor, K 466 - I. Allegro" by: "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)" from the album: "The Mozart Experience - Piano Concerto in D minor and in C [disc 2/5]" (13:32)


"Peer Gynt Suite no. 1 op 46 Teil 1" by: "Edward Grieg & Jean Sibelius" from the album: "Valse Triste" (4:11)


"Ballade No. 1, Op. 23" by: "Frédéric Chopin" from the album: "Evgeny Kissin - 4 Ballades - Berceuse - Barcarolle -S cherzo No. 4" (9:54)


"... -- Allegro ma non troppo" by: "Serge Prokofiev" from the album: "Great Pianists of the 20th Century - Martha Argerich 1 (Disc 2)" (9:03)



I have no idea what's coming up next because, the schedules hadn't been finalized by the time this show was prepared.


This is being recorded Friday, September 12, 2008.


What? You didn't think this show was live did you?


Its not a sporting, political or other temporally delimited event, say on which money might be riding on the outcome, nor is there any need to tie you down at a single point in time, like a feedback topic show ... so there's no need for immediacy.


I will respond to email about this or any episode and pretty much anything else at charles at MSBPodcast.com


The show notes incuding the complete text of this episode and any and all links to the artists featured, are at http://msbpodcast.pbwiki.com/spc_wspc_ThymeWarp_0001

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