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msb-0387 MS Together

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The CADDi by BabCo


Visit Disability resource exchange

The Disability Resource Exchange with Rudy Sims


Episode Sponsor's banner (This could be YOU!)


MSBPodcast Shows


Episode Name: msb-0387 MS Together


Direct Link to episode -> http://media.libsyn.com/media/msb/msb-0387_MS_Together.m4a


YouTube Video(s):


"Together" by: "EXILE"

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Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!




FeedBack comes first, so...


I had some from Katie Pleiss of the "MSTogether" [ http://mstogether.wordpress.com/ ] word press blog.


I am in fact delighted to be of service to her, but wryly so because of the sentence in her email to me with reads "except maybe your advice could be focused more towards young adults with MS".


I don't think it was aimed at me personally but there it is.


I've thrived in spite of and survived with, MS long enough to become an author of "inspirational messages" for young people with this damnable disease.


Who'd've thunk it?


---- "Make This Together" by: "The Ram Boola Black" http://www.myspace.com/theramboolablackproject






This rightfully belongs in the Feed Forward segment.

I am starting to expand msbpodcast.com into an actual web radio station.


Starting in January 2010, msbpodcast will have an interactive component which will be called MS Web Radio [ http;//www.MSWebRadio.com ]


Right now its not operative and its only a repeater to bring people to the msbpodcast.com site but I'm going to retool the web site to handle the web radio component.


It will also be podcast so if you don't get to it, it will still be available after the airing.


MS Web Radio will be held for a half an hour every Sunday afternoon at 3PM (15:00) my time.


I will be taking my definitely, uh, unusual show and opening it up to everybody.


I'll keep you posted on my progress as it happens.


---- "Together" by: "Dona Oxford (pronounced DOH-NYA)" http://www.donaoxford.com/




I now have THREE sponsors. Success breeds success.


It you're listening on this podcast through iTunes or through a web browser, just click on the image for the sponsor and I'll take you right to the appropriate web page.


If you're on an iPhone or an iPod touch, you should be good to go too.




The first sponsor, you should be all familiar with and maybe even have bought some t-shirts.[ http://www.artoshirt.net/servlet/the-MS-Artists/Categories ] (whispers) That's the whole idea.


I'm a big T-Shirt wearer since losing my job and giving up the monkey suits.


I'm wearing one of the many shirts right now. The one that says: "Guitarded". I've even got a compliment on it on the boulevard around the corner from my apartment.




The second sponsor is the CADDi by BARBCO. [ http://barbco.biz ]


The picture of the CADDi in use sort of says it all.


BarbCo is very generously giving a dollar of  from every order they process to a bunch of causes and YOU select the cause.

[ http://barbco.biz/MultipleSclerosis.htm ]




The third sponsor is someone by the name of Rudy Sims who has a web site for people who are disabled in some way or other to exchange their information and other resources. [ http://www.disabilityresourceexchange.com/ ]


Join him in making friends among the disabled community and in sharing the resources and information we all need to live better.




My Book is out!


Its got:

• a frontispiece

• a Dedication.

• a Table of Contents

• Some History,

• Some Biography,

• Some Technology,

• Some Evolution,

• Some Episodes, (40 choice ones,)

• Some Parting Thoughts,

• URLs & references, a list of

• Books and one heck of an

• Index


I wish I could send you somewhere to buy it, but sadly Lulu.co are a nonexistent bunch of lying sacks of [expletive deleted].


I'm currently shopping around for a more responsive service (ha!) than Lulu.com.


Quite frankly, people have started <so-and-so sucks> websites for less irritatation.


I wonder if anyone works there at all because, I have brought up a problem with their StoreFront, namely its BUSTED, since August 19, 2009, which has so far gotten neither discernible solution, nor resolution.


All I've ever got from them is auto-responder emails. NOBODY WORKS THERE!


Sandra P. is NOT a person. Sandra is P-ing on me and my complaint.


I want the money back that I shelled out to them for the ISBNs because they're useless.


I can't sell the book at all because the storefront is shuttered and hidden in gray...


If you were thinking of writing a book, look anywhere else.


For the service they provide, I'm actually thinking I'd be better off sending you to your nearest FedEx/Kinko's to pick up a freshly printed and bound copy of the PDFs of the text and cover. If you want they can even ship it to you via FedEx.


In the meantime, I had book tours and other promotion things planned that I've got to undo.


I'll keep you posted.


---- "Still Together" by: "The Dangling Success" http://www.danglingsuccess.com/





Katie Pleiss wrote me such a nice email that I suddenly find myself in the distinctly uncomfortable of serving as a role model or as an inspiration to some people.




Well … Lets look at it this way, you could do worse than following in my footsteps.




---- "Held Together" by: "Rod Kim" http://www.rodkimrocks.com/ 




My first attack happened when I was sixteen.


Unfortunately it was over too quickly and was mild enough that, apart from sending my handwriting to "Hell in a Hand-basket"©™® it was more of a minor inconvenience and quickly glossed over.


I had my hormones to deal with at the time and they were much more distracting, as was the fact that that was the time I had a massive growth spurt, which left me a foot taller, a hundred pounds heavier and, because I wan't interested in getting picked on by girls anymore, it was "all muscle"…


My second attack was severe (it tried to freakin' kill me,) and I spent weeks in the Ottawa General Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


I used the time in the neuroICU in the only way left to me, I thought deeply and at length about computers, object-oriented programming, system design, software implementation and when emerged from the hospital, I "grokked" it.


I didn't just understand it, in the words of Robert A Heinlein [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stranger_in_a_strange_land ] I "grokked" it.


Then I spent a year rebuilding my body, my muscles and my nervous system until I had better physical control over my body than most people dream of.




"Anybody who tries to give me an ideological argument against single payer health care will find himself called a murderer, a torturer, an Alqeda Operative, an ideologue, an effete intellectual and whatever other buttons I can push because Canada's single payer health care system saved my life and it had saved my father's life years before.


The doctors are for it now, the hospitals are for it now, patient organizations are for it now.


The only ones left complaining are ignorant morons.


You're scared that some bureaucrat is going to make your health decisions?


Which ones?


The bureaucrats in Washington who don't have an axe to grind, just anonymous payments to process, or the ones at the HMO whose year-end bonuses depends on how much costs they can cut, and guess what? "Your cancer treatment is very costly."


As for the Ayn Randian principle that we can all stand alone an independent, I say, remember what kinds of people use expressions like "divide and conquer," war mongering barbarians!


It called civics, people, part of being civilized is that we take care of our people, not kick their bodies to the curve when they stumble or when they get sick.


If being a decent human being is un-American, then you can call me that.


Some things the rest of the world is right about.


The only countries left where there is no health care are Third World Hell-holes, like Myanmar, and the United States.


[climbs down from soap box.]




That symptom-free state of affairs lasted until 1997 when I had a third attack which left me walking with a cane, slowly.


The wonder of modern medicine is at it does you no good if you just wonder about what the Hell just happened to you.


Since then I have started this podcast, done almost 400 shows, gone back to College, taken media studies to deepen my understanding of

• where the media corporations were,

• what happened to who and how, and

• how to position myself and MSB Podast to help MSers.


I want to help "all" handicapped people by giving us a voice which is never heard in the media.


---- "When I Get My Shit Together" by: "Noam Weinstein" http://enoam.com/




So that's my story, a bit of it anyway.


The bit where I've used podcasting to deal with my MS instead of burying it in the past.


The burial has cost me dearly because I was an idiot, living in denial.


I will never dance again; I "loved to dance."


I will never play guitar again; I "loved to play guitar"


And I will never go on hikes or walk-abouts again; I "loved" to walk.


Don't be idiots, deal with the situation and you will probably be okay.


---- "Everyones In This Together" by: "Love = Action" http://www.myspace.com/loveequalsaction




Theme and 'incidental music' from:


 by: "Guy David",


 no album,

 via personal contract


YouTube video list:


"Together" by: "EXILE" proving that Boy Bands are truly an international phenomenon.


I hear shades of the 80s and the nineties in that video.


Strangely enough, the quality of the vocals is good enough to hold my interest despite the fact that I don't speak a word of Japanese.


The video production is so 2000 "Lets show some kid bouncing around as if the were doing some kind of Kung-Fu, skate-boarding rap," despite the face that the beat is vintage Michael Jackson.



Song list:


"Make This Together"

 by: "The Ram Boola Black"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com



 by: "Dona Oxford (pronounced DOH-NYA)"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com"


"Still Together"

 by: "The Dangling Success"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com


"Held Together"

 by: "Rod Kim"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com


"When I Get My Shit Together"

 by: "Noam Weinstein"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com


"Everyones In This Together"

 by: "Love = Action"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com





 All images, synchronized with the songs, are of the artists and come via music.podshow.com except when they aren't. :-)





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