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msb-0386 High gene, low gene, green gene, blue gene, red gene, dead gene

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The CADDi by BabCo


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The Disability Resource Exchange with Rudy Sims


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"Episodes: The story of an MSer and of MSB's Podcast"


Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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"Episodes: The story of an MSer and of MSB's Podcast"


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Episode Name: msb-0386 High gene, low gene, green gene, blue gene, red gene, dead gene.


Direct Link to episode -> http://media.libsyn.com/media/msb/msb-0386_High_gene_low_gene_green_gene_blue_gene_red_gene_dead_gene..m4a


YouTube Video(s):


The Genetic Conspiracy 1 of 3 about Monsanto

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The Genetic Conspiracy 2 of 3 about Monsanto

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The Genetic Conspiracy 3 of 3 about Monsanto

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Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!




FeedBack comes first, so...


I'm sneaking this one in under the radar of talking about personal cleanliness, so here goes.


It is very important and it can be extremely difficult for people with poor coordination to brush their teeth, wash themselves thoroughly and take care of their appearance too.


[ http://pets.webshots.com/photo/1468169771061983546PDHtiw ] I know MSers would all like to have our hygiene taken care of by sitting in a tub of cool water and letting little rasps dispose of the mess we tend to leave behind, and on our behind.


"Reach around" means something different to an MSer.


"Kermit the Frog" [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kermit_the_Frog ] held that "Its not easy being green", but it can also be tough sporting various hues and shades of pinks, yellows or browns.


But I have another topic to cover this episode so you can wait for the thesis, synthesis and conclusion where I will get to it.


And the synthesis and conclusion may be played on WFMU's "The Media squat" of on the last show of August.


Sorry but some things take precedence.

---- "Meat Market" by: "Sunspot" http://www.sunspotmusic.com/




This rightfully belongs in the Feed Forward segment.


I am starting to expand msbpodcast.com into an actual web radio station.


Starting in January 2010, msbpodcast will have an interactive component which will be called MS Web Radio [ http;//www.MSWebRadio.com ]


Right now its not operative and its only a repeater to bring people to the msbpodcast.com site but I'm going to retool the web site to handle the web radio component.


It will also be podcast so if you don't get to it, it will still be available after the airing.


MS Web Radio will be held for a half an hour every Sunday afternoon at 3PM (15:00) my time.


I will be taking my definitely, uh, unusual show and opening it up to everybody.


I'll keep you posted on my progress as it happens.


---- "Sausage Meat" by: "Reggie s Experience" http://www.reggiesexperience.com/




I now have THREE sponsors. Success breeds success.


It you're listening on this podcast through iTunes or through a web browser, just click on the image for the sponsor and I'll take you right to the appropriate web page.


If you're on an iPhone or an iPod touch, you should be good to go too.




The first sponsor, you should be all familiar with and maybe even have bought some t-shirts.[ http://www.artoshirt.net/servlet/the-MS-Artists/Categories ] (whispers) That's the whole idea.


I'm a big T-Shirt wearer since losing my job and giving up the monkey suits.


I'm wearing one of the many shirts right now. The one that says: "Guitarded". I've even got a compliment on it on the boulevard around the corner from my apartment.




The second sponsor is the CADDi by BARBCO. [ http://barbco.biz ]


The picture of the CADDi in use sort of says it all.


BarbCo is very generously giving a dollar of  from every order they process to a bunch of causes and YOU select the cause.

[ http://barbco.biz/MultipleSclerosis.htm ]




The third sponsor is someone by the name of Rudy Sims who has a web site for people who are disabled in some way or other to exchange their information and other resources. [ http://www.disabilityresourceexchange.com/ ]


Join him in making friends among the disabled community and in sharing the resources and information we all need to live better.




I'm angling after a fourth sponsor.


That's all I'm going to say for now.




My Book is out!


Its got:

• a frontispiece

• a Dedication.

• a Table of Contents

• Some History,

• Some Biography,

• Some Technology,

• Some Evolution,

• Some Episodes, (40 choice ones,)

• Some Parting Thoughts,

• URLs & references, a list of

• Books and one heck of an

• Index


It comes as a


• 240 pages, 6" x 9", jacket-hardcover binding, cream interior paper (50# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink, (ISBN 978-0-557-09127-0 )


or as a


• 274 pages, 4.25" x 6.88", perfect binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink, ISBN 978-0-557-09052-5)


Its even got nice covers, pictures, a blurb on the jacket and I'm getting some people to write little reviews and things.


If you'd like to support me in my various nefarious endeavors you'll head to Lulu.com and purchase a copy of "Episodes: The story of an MSer and of MSB's Podcast".


The link is "live" on the podcast. [ http://www.lulu.com/category/books/biographies_memoirs/2?fSearchFamily=0&fSearch=podcasting&fSubmitSearch=Go&showingSubPanels=&fSort=relevance_desc ]


Lulu.com is a victim of its own success.


If the page is a bit slow to load, wait, its worth it. :-)


And I've stopped apologizing about the price.


It is what it is and it costs what it costs.


If its not what you want to pay, then its not.


The podcasts are free and if you are getting them through iTunes you can even hang on to them and have all of the links ... forever.


If you want to find out what I'm all about, why I'm doing it and how, you'll pay the price because it'll be worth it to you.


If its not, then you don't pay. Simple enough...


You're already part of an exclusive club, an exclusive tribe.


You're an MSer.


Now go out and spread the word at "your" gathering place.


If "you" don't want to know, maybe someone you know "does" want to know the who, what where, when, why and the how behind niche market communication and MSBPodcast.


Talk with people near you because we're all in some niche of other.


Near might just be a figure of speech because some of the people who I am near, I'll never get to travel to to get some "face time".


That shows the true power of the internet.


---- "Meat Eater" by: "Fang Island" http://myspace.com/fangisland




Hygiene is also internal.


Has anyone noticed that their MS symptoms might seem worse after a heavy meal? (It used to be that I felt lousy, and still hungry, after eating a meal.)


After my last attack, my wife and I started paying more attention to what we ate, and not only did I stop feeling like logy crap after eating, but so did she.


Its not just MSers but "everybody."


---- "Brain Food" by: "David Emeny" http://www.davidemeny.com/




vvvv CUT HERE FOR the segment for

"The Media Squat" With "Douglas Rushkoff"

on WFMU ----


The modern industrial processing of food, quite apart from the use of hydrogenated oil, too much salt to make up for the fact that they taste of nothing, aspertame, a witches cauldron of things with hard to pronounce names, like sodium benzoate, mono and di-glycerides, and corn product derivatives, which aren't food in the first place, results in low nutrition products never before seen in nature.


To improve the American diet all they would have to do is stop the corn subsidies.


All of these products would be revealed as costlier processes to produce food substitutes, not food, but food substitutes.


We have corn products in virtually everything.


We eat corn fed beef, chickens, fish and virtually all other food stock, that are so immunocompromised and raised in such unsanitary condition that they are injected with a constant stream of increasingly ineffective antibiotics.


We eat genetically modified crops and we eat more and more of them because we are still hungry after consuming them. We consume more and more sheer bulk but get less and less nutrition.


We chow down on "Round Up ready" plants with so-called 'terminator technology' that don't reproduce from one season to the next, because they're no longer able to. They're programmed to commit suicide after one season by producing only mules. Their seeds are sterile.


Thousands, thousands, of dirt poor farmers in India, who had taken out loans and bought what they thought were good seeds, committed suicide the following year when the seeds they had collected and reserved for the next year failed to germinate. [ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1082559/The-GM-genocide-Thousands-Indian-farmers-committing-suicide-using-genetically-modified-crops.html ]


The G.M. crops failed twice, once by still being liked by the local pests and again by being mules.


The loans were still due and the farmers didn't have "bupkiss" to pay them with.


They "drank" the insecticides that they should and would have been spraying on their crops if they hadn't listened to bull that the sales critters  were spewing, because they only saw the sides of the holes they had dug for themselves and couldn't see a ray of hope.


This was a deliberate act of deception by the makers of genetically modified crops.


"Buy our magic seeds and they'll be pest resistant" they said..


They weren't.


Indian bugs weren't on the list of "tested for" pests.


"Hey one bug's pretty much like any other, right?"




The North American pests have learned that the stuff tastes like crap and just leave you feeling empty inside, so they have moved on to other food supplies.


The Indian pests hadn't seen the "Round Up Ready" ads I guess and they were still ignorant.


The seeds just tasted new.


The worst part of this is that these accountants without souls, are willfully, knowingly condemning their own children to a future of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and almost certain servitude simply because they can justify it as "Well maybe, but I have to work."


When the work you do puts thousands of people miserably and prematurely in the ground every year and billions of pounds of undigestible lard on the waists of sheeple, those people you treat like sheep, maybe you should take up a different career.


Someday, you will find out, to your horror, that sometimes "the sheep look up" [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sheep_Look_Up ] and their revenge is as unfeeling, uncaring and exterminative as you were, calculating and wondering how long you thought you could get away with it.


I have an old family friend who "had" diabetes, high blood pressure and all sorts of ailments until she was laid off and decided she couldn't afford processed foods anymore.


Now her diabetes in gone, her blood pressure is normal and she no longer has strange ailments.


She is shedding the pounds of stuff that her body couldn't digest, slowly but she is losing the weight.


Coincidence, I don't think so.


She is full of energy, is feeling good and is sort of sleeping better. (Hey, she lives in Brooklyn, its noisy.)


She's found another job, but she's keeping the change in her diet.


I'm in an activist mood: Lets hear


---- "Foie Gras Violent Food" by: "Maria Daine" http://www.maria-daines.com/




Try eating some organic food for a few weeks and see if it helps you control the food cravings, the eating and eating and still not feeling fed, the bingeing on processed food.


Slap those "Twinkies" [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twinkie ] out of your child's hands.


Slap those chips and those corn-syrup sweetened soft-drinks out of there too.


You know your child isn'l supposed to look like that, with those incredibly fat legs, chafing at every labored step, supporting that barrel of lard torso.


Humans weren't meant to look like over stuffed sausage casings, bursting with sweat at every exertion.


"Fat Albert" used to be a joke thought up by "Bill Cosby".


He was a caricature of a child, not a role model to be emulated.


Bill Cosby is still alive, for Christ's sake. But his audiences' children aren't.


A couple of generation of children have been, and are still. chewing their way into an early grave; condemning themselves into a life of struggle with their food, not realizing that that food had become their enemy by the very processes used to get it out the ground, into the feed of the animals, into the processing plants, and ultimately into their mouthes; gathering poisons, becoming more laden with toxins at every step.


The world of their own making, in which North Americans exist, because I can't and won't call this living, is laden with poisons, from the dioxins in their mother's breast milk to the toxic residue of the varnish used on their coffins.


I remember a cartoon appearing in "Mad Magazine", or maybe it was in "Playboy", where a bunch of marketing exec's were sitting at a conference table, smoking cigarettes, contemplating a box of kid's cereal and asking "What the heck? Why don't we just make it addictive?"


I'm worried that that joke was actually played on us, by the same kind of people who were evil enough to say that "we'd never buy collapsable steering columns on our cars because it would make them cost a couple hundred bucks more."


"Unsafe At Any Speed" [ http://www.amazon.com/Unsafe-Any-Speed-Ralph-Nader/dp/1561290505 ] by Ralph Nader revealed the math that said that the car companies could afford to pay for the burials of a certain amount of people who died with steering columns sticking into their chests.


Closer to agriculture, look no further than the Tobacco industry [ http://www.c-spanarchives.org/congress/?q=node/77531&id=6718394 ] whose entire production goes up in smoke, polluting on the way and filling graves with loved ones and making orphans of tens of thousands of people every year.


Draw you own conclusions.


Are businesses run by the worthless actuarial mentalities who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing, inherently evil, or do you fantasize that some of these sub-human, semi-simian wretches might be salvaged, but only if the cost-benefit analysis shows a protracted positive curve?


I feel the same way about the weight-loss industry as Susan Powter, because these fat farming people would be out of business if their customers were able to climb down off of the consumer treadmill and eat real food, instead of the hydrogenated starch hydrosylate crap, [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogenated_starch_hydrosylate ] and polysaccharide [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polysaccharide ] chemically derived glop.


Do your meals leave you with a bad taste in your mouth and pounds of fat that just stay in your ass?


Then "Stop Eating Crap!"


How about a high colonic that starts in your head?


Change your minds about the beneficence of business people and get a clue as to the "Banality of evil". [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banality_of_evil ]


These people will shoot you, point blank in the face, and wonder "What's wrong with you? Wy wont you talk to me?"


^^^^ CUT HERE FOR the segment for

"The Media Squat" With "Douglas Rushkoff"

on WFMU ----

---- "Worm food" by: "Ruth Theodore" http://www.ruththeodore.com/




Theme and 'incidental music' from:


 by: "Guy David",


 no album,

 via personal contract


YouTube video list:


"The Genetic Conspiracy" parts 1, 2 & 3


When did this country start having an epidemic of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes?


Can you say "Since Monsanto started screwing around with the seeds we use for growing our food?"


Can you say: "Since they started selling genetically modified, "Round-Up Ready" seeds that commit "sepuku" after one growing season?"


Before then, you had to be a seriously delusional cow killing carnivore-wanna-be to get fat enough to ever contract gout.


Wake the hell up and stop digging your graves with your teeth.


Song list: 


"Meat Market"

 by: "Sunspot"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com


"Sausage Meat"

 by:  "Reggie s Experience"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com"


"Meat Eater"

 by: "Fang Island"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com


"Brain Food"

 by: "David Emeny"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com


"Foie Gras Violent Food"

 by: "Maria Daine"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com


"Worm food"

 by: "Ruth Theodore"


 album: "none"

 via: music.podshow.com




 All images, synchronized with the songs, are of the artists and come via music.podshow.com except when they aren't. :-)





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