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msb-0375 One in Tweve-Hundred

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Episode Name msb-0375 One in Tweve-Hundred


Direct Link to episode -> http://media.libsyn.com/media/msb/msb-0375_One_in_Tweve-Hundred.m4a


YouTube Vids


Paramore Misery

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Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!




FeedBack comes first, so...


Thanks [name withheld] for telling me that it would be better if I carried all the videos over onto the MSBPodcast.com site rather than leaving them off, and for pointing out that there was a problem with the third and fourth videos on the libsyn.com feed.

They're all fixed up now and a lot easier to find numbers 2 to 10.

---- "A Rare Breed" by: "Mellow Rex" http://www.mevio.com/music/?artist_id=7206




Today marks the beginning of a week of celebrations at MSWorldExpress. It runs from July 13 through to the 19, 2009. They are thirteen years old.

They still don't understand squat about promotion or advertising and I got this news, literally hours ago, instead of having the time to properly pitch it to you.

Given the reception lag between the time I get the news, put it on the wire and when you pick it up, hear it and respond, the monday event is absolutely dead to you.

The Next Veterans Affairs (VA) Patient Education Conference Call on Managing Cognitive Issues and Mood Changes in Multiple Sclerosis is a total wash.

I definitely don't expect you to drop everything and rush over there there, if there's any there left.

But they did give me enough lead time to tell you about something.

And I Quote:

The Next MSCast is This Week!


Topic:      Commorbidities and Key Factors That Affect Quality of Life

Speaker: Dr. Alex Rae-Grant, MD of the Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center

Date:       Thursday, July 16th

Time:       1 - 2 PM Eastern Time


To sign up for this webcast and submit questions please Click Here [ http://www.mscast.net/Register.aspx?Signup=Y&CEActivityID=3094 ]

To view the Schedule of Events, Planned Topics, Sign-up for future events, or listen to a previously recorded MSCast, please Click Here [ http://www.mscast.net ] for the MSCast Home Page.


Please send feedback on any of the MSCasts to mscast@msworld.org  

Folks, "comorbidity" is spelt with only one "m".

But I pronounced it like you'd sent it, with two "m"s.



This rightfully belongs in the Feed Forward segment.

I am starting to expand msbpodcast.com into an actual web radio station.

Starting in January 2010, msbpodcast will have an interactive component which will be called MS Web Radio [ http;//www.MSWebRadio.com ]

Right now its not operative and its only a repeater to bring people to the msbpodcast.com site but I'm going to retool the web site to handle the web radio component.

It will also be podcast so if you don't get to it, it will still be available after the airing.

MS Web Radio will be held for a half an hour every Sunday afternoon at 3PM (15:00) my time.

I will be taking my definitely, uh, unusual show and opening it up to everybody.

I'll keep you posted on my progress as it happens.

I'm working on it... I'm working on it... I'm cursing and working, but I'm working on it.

---- "On My Way" by: "Mellow Rex" http://www.mevio.com/music/?artist_id=7206




I now have TWO sponsors.

I told you, way back when, getting the first one was the toughest.

Now I have two and it didn't take another three years and several thousands more dollars of spending on my part.

The links are synchronized with the messages on the m4a right now.

It you're listening on this through iTunes or through a web browser, just click on the image for the sponsor and I'll take you right to the appropriate web page.

If you're on an iPhone or an iPod touch, you should be good to go too.


The first sponsor, you should be all familiar with and maybe even have bought some t-shirts.[ http://www.artoshirt.net/servlet/the-MS-Artists/Categories ]

I'm still in love with my T-Shirts,

There is one called "At the Back" by Karolina Wojdak [ http://www.artoshirt.net/servlet/the-370/MS/Detail ] which is beautiful in a deeply intriguing way. I am always fascinated by the way artists perceive the world.

They see the same thing we mere mortals do but they seem to take away a very different mental image from the same landscape my ultra- or magic-realist eyes merely sees.

I would try to out texture a fractal. That's why I'm glad to be involved in audio. (Although back when Wendy was Walter, I played with the shapes of sound waves and how that affected our auditory perception.)

I hope you folks out there are buying these because I'm not going to be outside much to look at them once the heat hits.


I received the CADDi in the mail, and, after trying it out, I feel that I can honestly recommend the CADDi by BARBCO. [ http://barbco.biz ]

The picture of the CADDi in use sort of says it all.

BarbCo is very generously giving a dollar of  off  every order they process to a bunch of causes and YOU select the cause.


[ http://barbco.biz/MultipleSclerosis.htm ]

I'm talking with her, well we're Twittering and emailing back and forth, about having promo code for MSers.

The CADDI is for non MSers but it ought to be for us too.

---- "Far Away" by: "Mellow Rex" http://www.mevio.com/music/?artist_id=7206





The title of this post refers to our rather dismal position in the firmament of disease.

Like black holes, many are super massive, like cancer, the center of every galaxy is proving to harbor one, many more are small, like stellar mass, like the common cold, but to date only a few are known to be in the middle scale of a few thousand solar masses, like MS?.

---- "The Night Drive" by: "Mellow Rex" http://www.mevio.com/music/?artist_id=7206





To stretch a metaphor even further, we are extremely rare creatures. Only one in twelve hundred people on this planet are afflicted with MS.

This bodes well for the population just as it sucks to be us. Only 0.0833% of the people on this planet seem to get MS; mostly between the polar regions, where its too cold to live long enough to notice MS, and the equatorial region where there's plenty of other other ways to die first before MS is anything more than a contributory factor.

Being only one in twelve hundred means that we are way too small a population to ever attract any attention from the major media, where figures like 20% minimum market are being bandied about.

The WHO (the World Health Organization,) estimates that some 15% of the world's population is disabled in some form of other at some point or other.

That's still some 5% too low.

MSers making up 0.0833% means that we can't ever expect to get more than a mention on the evening news about something that's already happened. That's NOT PR, that's TOO LATE!

While we're never, ever going to get on the media, we ARE on the internet, in force and with permanence, BUT that does not mean that the lessons learned in advertising about timeliness, frequency and reach of a message don't apply.

Sending an email out one day before an event is a waste of my time and deserves to get ash-canned by my spam filters.

I hope you folks get in touch with people at the incorrectly named "Astute Technology [ http://www.astutetech.com/contact.asp ] to send them an email to tell them that just because they're using the net to reach targeted individuals, they're not supposed to ignore the civilities about giving people enough time to react.

We're "not" all hanging onto life by our fingernails just waiting for their pronouncements,

---- "A Time For War" by: "Mellow Rex" http://www.mevio.com/music/?artist_id=7206




I love writing the text for these episodes .

Where else could I ever compare this disease to an astrophysical phenomenon and make it stick.

MS is a black hole where my dancing ability has forever disappeared beyond some event horizon while the rest of me has been stretched, spaghetti-fied between the big bang event of my birth and my own upcoming, inevitable heat-death.

Yep, I do enjoy the writing, indeed.

---- "Misery" by: "Mellow Rex" http://www.mevio.com/music/?artist_id=7206






Theme and 'incidental music' from:



 by: "Guy David", 


 no album, 

 via personal contract




"Prelude No. 1" 

 by: J.S. Bach 


 Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I 

 via Public Domain


YouTube video list:

"Misery" by: "Paramore"


Song list:

"A Rare Breed" 

 by: "Mellow Rex" 


 album: "none" 

 via: music.podshow.com


"On My Way" 

 by: "Mellow Rex" 


 album: "none" 

 via: music.podshow.com"


"Far Away" 

 by: "Mellow Rex" 


 album: "none"

  via: music.podshow.com


"The Night Drive"

  by: "Mellow Rex"


  album: "none"

  via: music.podshow.com


"A Time For War" 

 by: "Mellow Rex" 


 album: "none" 

 via: music.podshow.com



 by: "Mellow Rex"


  album: "none"

  via: music.podshow.com





 All images, synchronized with the songs, are of the artists and come via music.podshow.com except when they aren't. :-)






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