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Groovy Dancing Girl (Daft Punk - Harder, Better,Faster, Stronger)

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Feedback comes first, so...

The reality of "Peak Oil" [ ] is almost upon the world. (If it hasn't happened already, but we're still waiting for the news from politicians, [people who have a worse bedside manner than our neurologists.])

Debatably, the "Hubbert Peak Theory" [ ] elucidated by "M. King Hubbert" [ ] may have already passed.

But lets pretend that its still looming in front of us, like the first hump of a "roller coaster" [ ] at "Magic Mountain" [ ] about to send us down a real scary ride... (It has no guard rails, no inspectors, no ride operators to sue when the biomass hits the rotating impeller. Its really not safe and quite a few of us have already died, crushed into paste under its tank treads.)

The world will have to adapt and for once they're going to be looking at "us" the MSers and the rest of the 15% of the world that they have ignored, for clues as to how to proceed.

We have no choice in the matter either. They'll take advantage of us like they always have, without a second thought, and the gloves will come off like a dress at a party held at Hugh Hefner's "Playboy Mansion" [ ].

Luckily for us, there's enough Internet capacity that we can afford to seem magnanimous.

---- "Snakeoil" by: "Buddhastik"




---- "Cod Liver Oil" by: "Great Big Sea"




---- "Addicted To Oil" by: "Mr. Tunes"



So what do I, an MSer, siting here at my computer unable to give chase to anything faster than a turtle or a sleeping cat, possibly have to contribute to the hale and healthy out there about making our way through the looming and quite inevitable energy deficiency. (I've got some really cool "Mocean Worker" happening on my headphones right now, [Damn! I wish I could share the sounds filling my head as I write this: "Tickle It" off the "Cinco de Mowo!" CD. Damn the RIAA. "Mocean Worker" are seriously "good! {if this podcast was making a cent, I might take up ASCAP/BMI's offer up and pay them if only the RIAA wasn't right behind them with "their" hand out and I still haven't got a note to play.}])

Well, I have become expert at husbanding and conserving energy in my own body...

---- "Blood is thicker than oil" by: "The Undercover Hippy"



First remember the cover of "Douglass Adams" "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" and "Don't Panic!"

I know that this is easier said than done.

What with all of your fine world fading away out of your grasp; you're getting laid off 'cause your employer's going broke almost as fast as you, your car becoming unaffordable, the gas for it becoming as out of reach a movie star's butt, your house, or your rental is going up; but you're going to have an easy move 'cause everything you financed is getting repoed, none of its your fault but the pricks who care, uh, don't care, they don't want to hear it, they just want to get their money before it devalues; your entire life is being turned upside down, stripped naked, dipped in molasses and staked down facing a hill crawling with fire ants.

Yup. "There a change's a gonna come." An thass no lie.

If feel for ya buddy. I really do, unlike what you did for me. (Its a cane, not a hearing aid. I'm not deaf. I heard you honk at me. Impatient weren't you. And just to get here? Ha! It is to laugh!)

Now that you've run out of gas, along with the rest of the world, stop making like a "Window Licker" with one shoe nailed to the floor.

Start with the quick inventory.

Do you have all of your limbs? (My inventory also includes the question: Do they all work right now?)

Think "Maslow's Pyramid" [ ]

Now how can you get through the day as energy efficiently as possible?

Give the Gods a laugh, and make a plan.

First where are you? Where do you have to get to?

No don't go there.

Just think, (I know it hurts an' "makes y'all feel like yo head wants to bus' wide open") but do you really have to pick that "schmidgick" up or deliver that "schmegeggy" or would an electronic form sent over the internet be sufficient? Do you really have to see that person or would a conference call or video be enough? (Electrons weigh damn near nothing and their transmission is damn near instantaneous.)

Now for everything else, "line up your ducks".

Between A and B are there steps that you can save, steps that you can combine?

Have you got everything and is it all accessible, in a personal carrier?

There's nothing as wasteful as getting up and making a trip twice because you forgot something.

Next is running the risk of dropping the ball, figuratively or literally.

Be prepared, and be prepared to go slow.

"When the world is running down, you have to make the best of what's still around." -Sting

---- "oilsands" by: "johnjack"



We have a lot to contribute to our more fortunate but less clued in brothers and sisters out there.

The trick will be to not seem like insufferable know-it-alls as we teach them the way we "line up our ducks" and avoid wasteful motion in everything.

We know and respect "energy" (the ability to do work,) but we are on intimate terms with "anergy" (the ability "not" to do work.)

Haste makes waste and soon nobody will have the energy to waste being stupid.

---- "Snake Oil" by: "Jenny Dalton"





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 by: "Buddhastik"

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"Cod Liver Oil"

 by: "Great Big Sea"

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"Addicted To Oil"

 by: "Mr. Tunes"

 album: "none"


"Blood is thicker than oil"

 by: "The Undercover Hippy"

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 by: "johnjack"

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"Snake Oil"

 by: "Jenny Dalton"

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