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msb-0305 Why I Don't Want To Do Video

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msb-0305 Why I Don't Want To Do Video


Direct Link to episode -> http://media.libsyn.com/media/msb/msb-0305_Why_I_Dont_Want_To_Do_Video.m4a


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Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!




Feedback comes first, so...

I'm in a pensive mood these days.

I've got over 70,000 downloads and I'm wondering who you all are. (talk about the long tail of podcasting, some of my shows are over a year old and they're still getting downloaded off of the web, [Podcasting it truly wonderful but I'm thinking of cutting the tail down to the last two or three months.])

What do you think? Drop me an email Charles at MSBPodcast.com.

---- "Video Virus" by: "Nalts" http://www.willvideoforfood.com/




And some good news (though the drug trials are about as fast a molasses in January, [but its better than the alternative,]) about "ingestible" as opposed to "injectable" drugs therapies for MS.

For more info, you can go to "Health Talk | Multiple Sclerosis" "podcast/webcast" [ http://www2.healthtalk.com/go/multiple-sclerosis/webcasts/no-more-needles-an-update-on-pills-to-treat-ms ].

Okay they're a day late and a dollar short in my case but it still great that they're addressing the resistance to self-injection. (Like they said. "The patients sometimes get up and say: 'I just can't do it anymore. That's it! I just can't!' ")

Its not an inhalable, but at least its not another injectable.

---- "Small Video" by: "dfg" http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=a1a9729b1aa7718d088add008b1d0550



---- "02 Videotape" by: "the priddle concern" http://thepriddleconcern.com/



I'm reading a book about producing video podcasts.

The book is called "Producing Video Podcasts: A Guide for Media Professionals" by "Richard Harrington and Mark Weiser" ISBN: 978-0-240-81029-4.

I can see the allure of it but I can also see why I don't want to do it except for very special occasions and under very specific circumstances.

Face it, even the best video recording of a wedding has an extremely limited distribution, is just more crap to toss out when you get divorced (or hang on to so you can get maudlin, hug your knees to your chest and chow down on a quart of "Häagen-Dazs®" once a year when you try to remember "The Good Times.©®™") and apart from the parties involved, nobody cares.

You've got either the perennial favorites of self-help instructional films, (like those great old embarrassing animations about "Perry Penis and Vicky Vagina" that they made the entire school troop into the gymnasium to watch, in lip service to sex education,) or you've got entertainment movies and other ephemera which soak up your attention for a little while and, as "Tom Lehrer" [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Lehrer ] put it all those years ago, "help you relieve your drab, wretched little lives." (Incidentally check out the Flash animation by "Mike Stanfill" of Tom Lehrer's song "The Elements". [ http://www.privatehand.com/flash/elements.html ])

No ... I'll stick to audio.

Least, I don't have to get dressed up to entertain you. :-)

---- "Beta Video Tape Head" by: "SOL 3" http://www.myspace.com/sol3canada



Video is orders of magnitude more than I need to deliver on my goal of carving out a niche where there was none before, in the wall of human apathy and greed. (Its not that I haven't thought thought of it but that its vastly more complex and vastly more expensive.)

Just like architecture isn't about the buildings, its about the space between the walls, the moving image isn't about the subject, its about the play of light on its surfaces.

Music is about the interplay of sound and your imagination and, once that imagination is engaged, its about imagery, even entirely inappropriate imagery.

I have a nice home-office and while its not perfect, it can do adequately to record my shows. (And interview are just an internet Skype connection to one of my computers.)

But I would have to rent a warehouse to be able to record the same kind stuff that I do in my little 11 foot wide by 17 foot long by 8 foot tall office.

The minimum amount of space to professionally record a two person interview, (like I did recently with "Joel Goldman" [ http://www.joelgoldman.com/content/index.asp ] and a long time ago with "Allison Reynolds" [ http://netxperiment.com/wordpress/ ],) eats up more space than the width of my whole condo.

I'd need a soundproof and sound baffled room about 25 feet wide by 15 feet deep and at least 8 feet high, but preferably higher, from one backdrop (or wall) to the other, with:

    * a 300 Watt Fresnel light about 5 feet from "both end walls",

    * shining through "cookie" lenses,

    * onto the backdrops,

    * a 5 foot square "conversation pit" in the center of the space with,

    * two chairs opposite each other with

    * a 100 Watt Fresnel spot shining on the back of "both" subjects,

    * a rack of pole-mounted incandescent on one side of each subject and

    * a bounce board on the other side, and then

    * two cameras about 7 feet back of the subjects

    * both of which are Lavalier miked, prepped, made up and dressed.

You're out thousands of dollars in equipment and people time (the latter being actually more valuable, [you can always reuse the equipment,]) and you haven't said a friggin' word yet.

And that's just what you need to record a simple, easy-as-pie video set up for a simple, easy-as-pie interview.

And we haven't even covered the audio recording, which requires a two track recorder, an editing suite, some form of mastering set up and production equipment to slice and dice the raw footage you've recorded and put into a show format.

(What? You don't think what you see is what was shot, do you? It gets cut up; segments get reordered; some music may get dropped in in between the segments; commercials or sponsorship advertisements may get interspersed in between them. All of those shots of the host nodding sagely and pretending to look interested are pre-recorded to cover up editing out of prolonged "uhhs", "emms", "dohs", nose-picking "Brain Farts" and other, uh, mental "faux pas" from either chair. Many of the host's segments may get cut out of the show entirely if the guest is truly interesting. [Then you better hope it even gets on the air. {That last step is not a problem with podcasting.}])

---- "videogamez" by: "deceptakahn" http://deceptakahn.com/



In audio, I sweat the songs, the text of the show the segments some of which are obviously prerecorded, and you can listen without me having to worry about getting a sponsorship from "Perry Ellis", [ http://www.perryellis.com/ped/index.jsp?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=perry%20ellis ] or "Yves St. Laurent". [ http://www.ysl.com/us/en/onlineBoutique/Men.aspx ]

I'll stick to audio podcasts for now, thank you very much.

That way I can bring you things like this "wiki" and not go broke trying to merely look good.

---- "Videology" by: "The Digital Motion" http://www.download.com/digitalmotion





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