msb-0289 Its getting closer

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msb-0289 Its getting closer


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FeedBack comes first, so...


Its become an absolute necessity for the "Wild West" of the internet to have some impartial authority that just gathers statistics that both the podcasters and the advertisers can trust and disseminates impartially to anyone and everyone who asks.

---- "Closer" by: "Norman Hedman's Tropique" http://normanhedman.com/




---- "Come Closer" by: "Marcus Williams" http://www.mywpmusic.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=section&id=15&Itemid=118




---- "Closer Still" by: "Robert Gomez" http://www.robertgomezmusic.com/




Next week at this time, I'll be delivering my little bombshell, (hopefully "not" the same way that "Slim Pickens" [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slim_Pickens ] did in "Doctor Stangelove" [ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057012/ ],) that may upend my life as thoroughly as I did when I embraced object-orientation and open-source programming.

Believe me, at the time it was all new, untested, and meeting lots of resistance from the "old guard" [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Praetorian_guard ] unstructured programmers.

Now object-orientation is "de rigeur" and open-source is seen as the best way to get contributions from the "wisdom of the crowd" to quickly and inexpensively 'mash up" [ http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/ibmmsk ] software to do whatever you need. (Thankfully I managed to get out of software development with my shirt and a couple of bucks put aside. I can afford to look at new opportunities.)

I "know" what podcasting needs, to be taken seriously as a medium the same way that I "knew" about object-orientation and open-source.

I "also" know how advertising assets are created, charged and tracked.

And if "you" don't, well you're screwed.

You have to play the game if you want to get dealt a hand.

But there has to be a nice way to get the "Hooper, Crossley, Nielsen, Pulse" and "Schwerin" and other type of people to realize that we don't need them and their statistical manipulations to derive a "touchy-feely" sense of audience share "at all."

Download logs are "absolute, verifiable" and a "true" end-to-end metric.

---- "Closer" by: "The Divine Madness" http://myspace.com/thedivinemadness




What has been missing everywhere is a trusted source for the episode "circulation" numbers.

Somewhere where the by-words are: "the bull shit stops here."

Somewhere where anyone can go for the final arbiter of who caught what episode.

Somewhere where both podcaster and advertiser can absolutely trust the circulation statistic.

Lets be honest, nobody who's interested in going to PodCamp NY is also going to be interested in:

    * the kinds of minutia and accurate record keeping activities which the non profit will require,

    * the kinds of equipment that this kind of processing will require,

    * the kinds of personel that this kind of equipment will require.

But I'll take it on anyway because "I'd" be interested.

It will take

    * enough bandwidth to take all of this stuff in and spit out the emails we're going to generate,

    * enough storage to load up a few month's worth of Apache/IIS logs (we're talking a few terabytes hard disk and maybe a terabyte of RAM)

    * enough processing power to filter out the stuff we're not tracking from the stuff we are, (that's going to be one massive dictionary)

    * enough processing power to sort what's left by podcaster, episode numbers destination IP address, (that's going to be one massive radix table and link-lists)

    * enough processing power to also sort by advertiser, podcaster, episode number, destination IP addresses (a more massive radix table and link-list) and

    * enough processing power to take the output, format it and send it via e-mail to the podcasters and to the advertiser.

Its all going to be electronic because there is no way to guaranty timely and accurate reporting otherwise.

From the hoovering of the logs to the spitting out of the emails, the entire process has to happen with extremely rapid and dependable turn around.

---- "Closer" by: "Diane Jessurun" http://www.dianejessurun.com/




Next week-end, my life will probably take a turn for the better (or worse, depending on how you look at the work that I'll have to do.)

Luckily, I know people who would be interested in taking on parts of the work (and these all mesh together into a seamless whole,) while I would have to handle the semi-public face of the organization. (Good thing I'm not shy...)

(Not to mention negotiate for space, negotiate salaries or hiring contracts, negotiate for new equipment and maintenance contracts.)

---- "Closer to you" by: "Evolver" http://evolver.co.za/





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"Come Closer"

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"Closer Still"

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"Closer to you"

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