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msb-0286 Quiet time

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msb-0286 Quiet time


Direct Link to episode -> http://media.libsyn.com/media/msb/msb-0286_Quiet_time.m4a



Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!




FeedBack comes first, so...


I'm busy preparing a speech-slash-presentation for PodCampNY 2.0 so this is going to be a quiet show from me.

The systems and servers around the house are now completely recovered from this week-end's, uh, "failure to communicate" [ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061512/ ]

I am so [expletive deleted] sick of ComCast, my soul weeps in frustration at the way they treat their customers.

For a "fur instance", not only are their offices not ADA compliant but they have a set of stairs right at the frickin' front (and only publicly accessible) doors.

An elderly gentleman and myself, both of us struggling with canes were cursing under our breath whoever was the dim bulb who thought of this particular building "feature".

(Keerist. Some people shouldn't be allowed to design a dog house; never mind a shopping mall or office building. [This imbecile deserved permanent unemployment from any firm doing anything related to architecture or design. {Its like the landscape designer who tried to sell us some sweeping, swerving walkway to a house my first wife and I we were having built. She kept going on about how lovely it would look. I told her that it didn't matter worth a damn if I wasn't going to be able to get around on it in a wheel-chair. If it was going to be curved stairs and curved paths, I wasn't going to pay for the installation or for the removal. I didn't want it at all. (That sort of pissed her off and she got somebody else from the firm to deal with me. I got my walk way done the way it "had" to be done. [I couldn't care less if I hurt her "artistic sensibilities", I was the one who was going to have to live with the mess afterwards. {Sniff hautily, stick your nose up in the air, and walk away, I really don't give a crap.}])}])

---- "Temporary Life - Ordinary Girl" by: "CARLY PATTERSON" http://www.carlypattersonmusic.com/




---- "SPQR" by: "HAL FLAVIN" http://www.lili-is-pi.com/




---- "Sometimes Life Starts To Fall Into Place" by: "Munk" http://www.myspace.com/munk




The presentation is shaping up nicely. Lots of meat on them bones...

---- "Finish What We Started" by: "Headway" http://myspace.com/headwayband




Basically, I'm telling people

  • * some depressing things (reality about scale and the fact that podcasting is about "never" achieving such scale where big media would be interested in you, [even when you can actualy get that big an audience, {over time,}]) and
  • * some hopeful things (a possible way it can be make to work and how to achieve it.)

Its all about using the internet for what its actually good for, but first we have to, uh, kick some butt and break a few kneecaps to get taken seriously. (No, seriously, we're going to have to form a non-profit and, among its duties, its purpose is going to be to buy an ad in the New York Times selling the world on podcasting [just like "Mozilla" did for the "Firefox" browser.])

---- "Atlantis" by: "Telling On Trixie" http://www.tellingontrixie.com/




I think this is going to be fun.

I'll be podcasting my presentation like I did last year.

And today, (well evening as I type this,) you heard what I heard, for roughly half an hour, as I worked on the text. (Isn't the Podsafe Music Network [the PMN] a good source for music, or what?)

---- "Caligula" by: "Keenan" http://www.keenanbaxter.com/





Theme and 'incidental music' from:


 by: "Guy David",


 no album,

 via personal contract

Song list

"Temporary Life - Ordinary Girl"



 album: "none"

 via: http://music.podshow.com/




 album: "none"

 via: http://music.podshow.com/

"Sometimes Life Starts To Fall Into Place"

 by: "Munk"


 album: "none"

 via: http://music.podshow.com/

"Finish What We Started"

 by: "Headway"


 album: "none"

 via: http://music.podshow.com/


 by: "Telling On Trixie"


 album: "none"

 via: http://music.podshow.com/


 by: "Keenan"


 album: "none"

 via: http://music.podshow.com/




 All images, synchronized with the songs, are of the artists and come via music.podshow.com except when they aren't. :-)





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