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Episodes Press Release

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"Sick and tired of being sick ... and ignored, Charles-A. Rovira DID something about it."


Jersey City, NJ, Aug 14, 2009 - Whether you're a person with a rare disease, or just the member of an ignored minority, you can learn what he learned and do what he does to make your own way through the blind spots of "Big Media", get your disease or cause noticed and get "action."


Charles started MSBPodcast.com in February, 2006 as a reaction to the total lack of media presence of multiple sclerosis.


Apart from occasional news reports of MS events "after" they had happened, MS didn't exist to big media, despite over 400,000 people having MS in the United States, and millions more, one person in twelve-hundred, having it around the globe.


After being downloaded over 150,00 times by MSers world-wide as of August 2009, MSBPodcast is a success, and it will continue to grow, despite its being ignored by the traditional media.


He decided to write the book "Episodes: The story of an MSer and of MSB's Podcast" (hardcover ISBN-13 978-0-557-09127-0, paperback ISBN-13  978-0-557-09052-5)


This was during a pause in school while he stopped to consider what his next move was going to be. (The title is a pun on the relapsing/remitting nature of his particular form of MS.)


Charles-A has started "The Disability Show" at St. Peter's College in January, 2009 as a means of doing for all disabled people what he had done for MS; give people with disabilities the power to discuss their diseases, listen to some music to remind themselves that they are NOT their diseases, and to get some news, views, reviews about the things that matter to THEM.


"Episodes: The story of an MSer and of MSB's Podcast" is journal of the things he has learned during the almost four years of doing the podcast and 40 out of the almost 400 episodes he has written and produced to date.


Others with other orphan and near-orphan diseases, as well as the more astute among the abled. will be able to take the information the book contains and be able to apply it to their diseases and causes to gain the visibility denied them by the mass media.



Charles-A. Rovira,


56 Glenwood Ave. #31,

Jersey City, NJ 07306

ph: 718-813-6111




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